Argon - the online MUD mapper

Argon - the online MUD mapper
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Argon - the MUD mapper

Are you looking for a way to map your favorite MUD/MUSH zones? Maybe you're a zone designer and you want to visualize it and take notes. Some RPG tabletop gamers might use it as an aid to make dungeons.

Here are a few maps to play with (saving disabled):
Sample map 1
Sample map 2
Sample map 3

How do you use this?

Most room creation can be done from the keyboard. The standard directions (N,E,S,W,U,D) will move your active room around, creating rooms as you go.

You can pick the pen up with the 'p' key. Putting the pen down somewhere else will place a room there with no exits, ready for you to move again.

Complete Argon manual

It's up to you to decide which symbols mean what. However, here's a suggested map legend:
argon key