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Intermediate - part 1
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Click the following buttons for descriptions:
| Save | Save as image | Create New | Delete | Print |

Floating windows:

| Help | Room Info | Map Info | Color | Layer | Text | Speedwalk | Generator | Link |

Editing tools:

| - Room | Grid | - Row | - Column | + Row | + Column | Cut | Copy | Paste
Push Rooms | Toggle room | Quick Colors | Paths | Doors | Icons |
Keyboard Keys:

Directions: You can use the following keyboard keys as directional keys:
N,E,S,W,U,D, -- 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9

P - Pen Mode - As you move around the map in the directions above, Pen Mode will leave a trail of rooms. By default, Pen Mode is "down" when you load a map.

L - Line Mode -Line Mode will not create new rooms, but it will create paths around the map.

H - Shove Mode - Shove Mode works similar to Pen Mode - it will draw rooms as you move around - it will not, however, enter a room unless an exit is pointing towards it. If it encounters a room that it cannot enter, it will create a new row/column to grow the map to accomodate your desired room.

I - Exit Mode - When in Exit Mode, your selected room will not move when you type a direction - rather, the exits in those directions will turn on and off.

R - Toggle room - toggle on/off rooms, but leave paths alone.

Z - Delete
Delete a room and it's neighbor's exits

X, C, V - Cut, Copy, Paste

, (comma) & . (period) - rotate clockwise/counter clockwise

G - Grid border toggle